60 years of disciplined
multifamily investments

and we are just getting started

60 years of disciplined
multifamily investments

and we are just getting started

Sack Capital Partners “SCP” is a fully integrated real estate firm focused on the acquisition, improvement, management and disposition of Western United States multifamily properties.




Sack Capital Partners has a successful track record over 60+ years of investing through economic cycles. The seasoned managing partners each have over 25 years of multifamily experience and have invested in over $2.5B in multifamily transactions totaling more than 10,000 units.  We have long term relationships in all our markets that lead to strong deal flow.

  • Town Center Lafayette CA, Sun Deck
  • The Mill, Mill Creek, WA
  • Hillsdale Square, San Mateo, CA
  • Capri Creek, Petaluma, CA


Water Conservation

Our water conservation measures include installing low-flow fixtures and appliances, high-efficiency pool pumps, drought-tolerant landscaping and drip irrigation systems, and benchmarking our communities’ water consumption to identify opportunities for improvement.

Energy Efficiency

We continually strive to reduce our communities’ energy usage through performance benchmarking, fixture and equipment retrofits, solar installations, the use of energy-efficient appliances, and the installation of cool roofs and green insulation.

Green Building Upgrades

All major renovations and retrofits use sustainable design attributes in order to reduce environmental impacts, increase building resiliency, and offer sustainable choices to our residents.

Waste Management

Each of our communities participates in municipal recycling programs and composting where available. We prioritize purchasing building materials, carpets, paper products, and office materials that are sustainably sourced and contain recycled content.

Healthy Environments

We use zero-VOC paint with zero-VOC colorants to improve indoor air quality and provide a healthy, comfortable environment for our employees and residents. Many of our communities are located in walkable locations close to transit.